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The 2 Win Profit System

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How much profit does your system make?
As much as you want it to!

That's the number one question I get asked.

Hi my name is Kenny Monk and I am the proud creator of the 2 Win Profit System.

Before we go further, let me explain my answer above.

People always ask me how much profit my system makes, and as a cash figure that is impossible to quantify. It depends on how much you bet and how often you use it, or how long you've been using it.

If you put £10 per point down, you will make less than someone who bets at £50 per point etc.

If you use it for one week you may lose £50 or you could make £500.

So for the rest of this page, I will refer to profit in points terms, all you need to do is multiple this number by the amount you normally bet and that will give you an individual figure relative to what I'm talking about.

I'll start with an example...

In 2017, I have used my system every week but 3 (when I took vacations) and it has made a total of 223pts.

I bet at £50 per point.

In 2017 my system has made me £11,150 profit

If you bet £10 per point its £2,230 etc.

My average weekly profit for 2017 is 4.85pts

These stats are up to date as of week 46 (week ending 19 Nov 2017)

I win on average just under 3 bets per week, the average is 2.87 but you can't win a 0.87th of a bet one week can you.

Anyway, what this means is that I win 2.87 out of 6 bets, that's a 47.83% strike rate.

That means for every 100 bets I place I win 47 or 48 (as an average).

Of course there are weeks that I don't win a bet, or I only win 1 bet and these weeks end in a loss.

This has happened 11 times out of the 46 weeks so far.

That means 11 losing weeks and 35 winning weeks so far in 2017. So please if you decide to join bare this in mind, follow the advice and the staking plan and you will end up making profit.

One bet per day, 6 days per week

Thats how the system was developed.

I wanted something that is simple and profitable, where the outcome of previous bets does not determine what happens next, so I can just make the selection and back it, once per day.

I start on Monday's and take Sunday's off betting. Tips are backed the evening before hand so I can get on with my day in the morning without worrying about having to do anything or check anything. This also allows us to get some great odds on horses that will often shorten once other tipsters start picking them.

The system works due to a combination of the staking plan and my tips which are picked using methods I have developed over 22 years of picking horses.

This winning combination will mean that you too can profit using the 2 Win Profit System.

Over 200pts profit from one bet per day

There's a lot of rubbish online these days and I hope that you give me the chance to prove that my 2 Win Profit System is not one of those fly by night services. There's one reason I don't publish resutls online and that is purely because it would give away a key feature of my service.

I want you to feel comfortable with the system too, so before asking for a long term commitment I want you to trial the service for 10 weeks, if you're happy with the resutls then we can talk longer term. But for now I am offering a 10 week trial of my service for just £3 per week.

That's £30 to trial the service for 10 weeks, 20% of the total weeks I bet in a year for one low payment of £30.

All you need to do to get started is click the link below...